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News & opinion from a libertarian angle

Government IS NOT your friend!

Invoking extremes just makes things worse. Government usually creates more problems to solve the problems it already created.
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I had a blog, a big ole political blog with all sorts of entries and spanning two blogging platforms. It went through a catastrophic data scramble. Some content was lost. So here are the old directory links. As I find it useful, I'll probably end up rewriting it and putting in the new blog. But there are some mixups.
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NeoWayland is a pagan philosopher, libertarian & part-time trouble maker. Keeping vigil, he shares beacons of individual freedom & responsibility while watching for threats to LIBERTY. There's more to life than just black & white.

First Amendment

“…the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Pinned to top until after the riots end.

?Graduation 2020: The Covid Class?

“The 2020 graduating class faces challenges unlike any class before it. Uncertainty looms at every turn: job prospects, social interactions, and many other aspects of “normal life” once taken for granted. So what lessons can be learned from this unparalleled situation? Dennis Prager offers three.”

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  • Minor rewrite of competition lexicon entry. Changes not published yet pending lexicon updates.

  • Tweaks on PV blog post layout page, including restricting blog post gallery to four images maximum. Added banner gallery to libertarian meme page. Redid code for sidebar and about box background uses new directory controlled by admin portal.

  • Cleaned up and unified UI on PV admin portal. Added backstage tab and moved appropriate items there.

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  • Minor rewrites in PV blog form labels for copy paste.

    Unpinned top NWNW menu on basic PV partial. Gave main page it's own menu with additional links for liberty memes page, slice of life page, and other political memes. Changed galleria link to the same CMS link age galleria page title so it can be easily changed. Set liberty memes link, slice of life link, and other political memes link to the same CMS link as their pages so they can be changed, Set remarks link so it shared the same CMS link as the remarks page title.

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